Against Italy, a close match and a clear win

16. February 2024

Frederik Svane

Frederik Svane and his italian opponent Nicolas Perossa had to have the longest endurance yesterday. The two sat alone in the tournament hall, surrounded by several other participants and referees, and played the longest game of the day. It was 1½:1½ and the pressure was on Frederik's shoulders to at least achieve a draw or even win. Thanks to the extra exchange, the latter was also successful and in the end the german men had two team points and two and a half board points.

Bo. Germany Elo 2,5 : 1,5 Italy Elo
1 GM Matthias Bluebaum 2658 ½:½ GM Sabino Brunello 2510
2 GM Alexander Donchenko 2636 0:1 GM Alberto David 2506
3 GM Dmitrij Kollars 2619 1:0 FM Valerio Carnicelli 2427
4 GM Frederik Svane 2618 1:0 FM Nicolas Perossa 2277
Jana Schneider

Our women had a much easier time with Italy. After a short time, Jana Schneider came forward with the first point, who pushed the experienced Olga Zimina against the wall with Black with two advanced center pawns. When, after Josefine Heinemann's draw, Kateryna Dolzhykova and Lara Schulze won almost at the same time, an unexpectedly high 3½:½ victory was certain. At that point, only Dmitrij Kollars had finished among the men.

Bo. Germany Elo 3,5 : 0,5 Italy Elo
1 WGM Josefine Heinemann 2328 ½:½ IM Marina Brunello 2345
2 WGM Jana Schneider 2320 1:0 IM Olga Zimina 2291
3 FM Lara Schulze 2308 1:0 WIM Tea Gueci 2193
4 WIM Kateryna Dolzhykova 2255 1:0 WFM Elisa Cassi 2033

MDR Thuringia reported directly from the venue on February 14th, one day before the start of the tournament. Tournament director Bernd Voekler, national player Josefine Heinemann and main referee Klaus Deventer have their say in the radio report.

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