Discussion with Wolfgang Hoppe: A bundle full of memories

20. February 2024

Axel Eger, Wolfgang Hoppe with his Olympic gold from 1984 and Katharina Reinecke

That was a special kind of boost: Bobsleigh legend Wolfgang Hoppe, double Olympic champion in 1984, six-time world champion and honorary citizen of Apolda, did not get the big sled on track, but started the fifth round as Mitropa's guest of honor, who was greeted with much applause -Cups with the symbolic first move put Matthias Bluebaum's queen pawns two squares ahead.

Two-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Wolfgang Hoppe makes the symbolic first move on Matthias Bluebaum's board.

Even though Bluebaum changed this to 1. c2-c4 shortly afterwards in his game on the first board of the German team, Hoppe proved that he is no slouch on the 64 squares either. The 66-year-old then said in a humorous discussion that he learned chess as a child and often played it with friends, which found numerous interested listeners both in the Apolda town hall and during the broadcast on the Internet. According to Hoppe, he considers chess to be quite helpful for other sports - on the one hand, it can serve as a balance and distraction, and on the other hand, the mental challenge and the associated training of brain activity generally have a positive effect on the reactions necessary in various disciplines.

Hoppe not only had a symbolic bundle full of memories from all stages of his career, but also photos, bobsled shoes and, to top it off, an Olympic gold medal from his 1984 triumph in Sarajevo. A piece of precious metal that means a lot to him because it bridges the gap between then and now. The ice channel on Trebevic, Sarajevo's local mountain, is no longer there. It was destroyed eight years after the games in the Bosnian War. Hoppe only remains the memory. And the ever-new reminder that war is the worst of all solutions.

Axel Eger

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