Dmitrij Kollars: "There is no reason to rest on our laurels"

14. February 2024

Dmitrij Kollars

Dmitrij Kollars is part of the German team in the Mitropacup. He has good memories of Apolda. He would always recognize the city's coat of arms, because he won a beauty prize with it in Apolda.

What personal goals do you have for the Mitropa Cup 2024?

The Mitropacup is a good test of form for me after a break of several months from tournaments. I want to play more stable than last time and I'm looking forward to a longer tournament after being busy with various tasks outside of chess in the last few months.

... and for your German team?

I'm usually a bit cautious about making predictions, but I have to admit that winning the tournament should be our goal. The competition consists of many young, up-and-coming teams, so there is no reason to rest on the role of favourites.

Give us an overview of your daily routine during such a tournament!

In chess:

My daily routine is usually determined by the tournament schedule. Immediately after the match there are some open questions that can be answered by a quick analysis. Waiting for the draw gives me time to recover, after which I try to do the main part of my preparation in the evening. Since many of the lines are forgotten the next day, I usually sit at my laptop again before the start of the round.

Questions of nutrition:

On this topic, I am more helpful as a warning example. In my experience, a long preparation or nervousness before the start of the game are not a good reason to do without a balanced and sufficient diet.

Relaxing, sport, free time:

Walks after and preferably before the game are useful to get some fresh air and relieve stress. If I have enough energy left, I like to run during tournaments, and as a team we often play cards in the evenings.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I've already confirmed the Dortmund Open and the Croatian League, but most of my plans are currently going up to the Mitropacup.

Do you personally associate something with the host city Apolda?

I have been to Apolda several times and have good memories of the German Championship 2017. It is also the only city I can recognize by its flag, because I got a framed city coat of arms there as a beauty prize for the ninth round.

Thank you for the interview Dmitrij!

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