Frederik Svane: "If the preparation goes well, I already have a plan in the evening"

8. February 2024

Frederik Svane

Frederik Svane plays together with his brother Rasmus in the national team for the first time. In Apolda he wants to show good chess again.

What personal goals do you have for the Mitropa Cup 2024?

Lately I haven't been happy with my time management and the way I play. That's why I hope to be able to show good chess again. Of course, I also want to prove myself in this year's Chess Olympiad and show that I belong in the national team.

... and for your German team?

For us as a team the Mitropa Cup is, I think, a kind of preparation for the Chess Olympiad. Of course the goal is to win the tournament as well, we're pretty clear favorites.

Give us an overview of your daily routine during such a tournament!

When it comes to preparation, I don't have any special secret. I usually rest for an hour or two after the match and then start preparing. If the preparation goes well, I already have a plan for what I'm going to play. In the morning, before the match, I repeat my planning. Besides that, it's important for me to get a lot of sleep and rest to have as much energy as possible for the match.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

So far I don't have many tournaments planned. In the next few months I'll be playing a lot in different leagues and later in the year I'll play the Dortmund Open. I might also play the Grenke Open, but that's still up in the air. Usually the tournament schedule is determined during the year.

Do you personally associate something with the host city Apolda?

Training camps are often held in Apolda and I have taken part in some of them. So I'm used to working on chess in Apolda. I hope that these memories will help me to get the best out of myself. I'm really looking forward to the tournament!

Thanks for the answers and toi, toi, toi in Apolda!

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