Lara Schulze: "Play good chess and have fun doing it"

4. February 2024

Lara Schulze

Lara Schulze is part of the german squad in the Mitropacup women's tournament and she celebrated her greatest successes in Apolda.

What personal goals do you have for the Mitropa Cup 2024?

My goal is always to do my best, play good chess and have fun doing it. Of course, I want to contribute as many points as possible!

... and for your German team?

I think the goal for the German team is for sure to win the tournament.

Give us an overview of your daily routine during such a tournament!

A large part of the morning is taken up by opening preparation. But before playing in the afternoon I always go for a walk or do a tour of the city to relax. When it comes to nutrition, I make sure to eat only something "light" before the round, because otherwise the energy goes into the stomach and concentration and endurance could suffer.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Soon I will be playing two more international tournaments: In March I will take part in the IODFEM in Augsburg, which is very strong this year. In April the Women's European Championship in Rhodes (Greece) is on the agenda. I am currently in the middle of further national and international tournament planning.

Do you personally associate something with the host city Apolda?

In Apolda I celebrated one of my greatest successes: In 2021 I became European Champion U20! That's why I have excellent memories of Apolda!

Thanks for the answers and good luck in Apolda!

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