Safe Sport

In its function as the federation for organized chess players in Germany, the German Chess Federation bears a great responsibility for the well-being of all active and committed chess players. We firmly believe that promoting an open and welcoming association culture based on diversity, inclusion, equal treatment, mutual recognition and appreciation is one of our core tasks as a responsible association, as a member of the German Olympic Sports Confederation and as part of the large family of sport.

Our association culture is guided by the ideal of fair play. On and off the board, in and out of competition. In our day-to-day actions, we have an unconditional commitment to respectful treatment of others at all times and in all places. It is therefore part of our deeply rooted conviction to contribute to the protection of all chess players, especially members of vulnerable groups (children, adolescents, young adults, women, people with disabilities, minorities, etc.), and to protect them as best as possible from all forms of physical and psychological violence.

Contact person Safe Sport in the German Chess Federation: Astrid Hohl

Support services for those affected

The violence against women helpline offers multilingual advice around the clock. It can be reached by telephone on 116 016 and also as online advice via email and chat. The service is aimed at women affected by violence, as well as people who support those affected and professionals.
Safe Sport e. V. is an independent advice center for those affected by sexualized, psychological and physical violence in sport and can be reached on 0800 11 222 00.