Mitropacup 2024 | Apolda
February 14th - 23rd

Mitropacup 2024

February 14th - 23rd, 2024 in Apolda
Stadthalle Apolda, Klause 1, 99510 Apolda (Germany)


It has been a long time since Germany was so strongly represented in the Mitropacup as this year. After our women will start with five top players, the men will also be extremely strong. Five of the top six players in the current German FIDE-Ranking are in Apolda: Matthias Blübaum, Alexander Donchenko, Dmitrij Kollars and the brothers Rasmus and Frederik Svane were nominated by national coach Jan Gustafsson.Only our world class player Vincent Keymer will be missing. Whether this will weaken the German team is questionable in view of the competition from the other nine countries. Only Italy with Luca Moroni and Austria with Markus Ragger have 2600s in their line-up, while we can use our five 2600s on every board. But the high rating alone is no guarantee for points. We are excited to see how our quintet compares to the best young players in Europe and if we can really live up to our role as favorites.

Alexander Donchenko is part of the very strong German men's team in the open tournament. We also asked him our questions.

Jana Schneider enjoys the moments with the team – and feels comfortable in Apolda.

Lara Schulze is part of the german squad in the Mitropacup women's tournament and she celebrated her greatest successes in Apolda.

Josefine Heinemann is part of the german squad in the Mitropacup women's tournament and tells us her recipes for success.

Today, women's national coach Yuri Yakovich nominated his team for the Mitropa Cup 2024. The following players from the B squad are in the squad for Apolda: Josephine Heinemann, Jana Schneider, Hanna Marie Klek, Lara Schulze and Kateryna Dolzhykova.

On October 6, 2023, DSB President Ingrid Lauterbach signed the contract with Mayor Rüdiger Eisenbrand in Apolda to host the Mitropacup in his city.